April is customer
appreciation month

during Customer Appreciation Month!

We will be having High hands 7 days a week.

We are giving out over
$185K for the month.

Thank you
to our players

All during the month of April we would like to say thank you to all the wonderful payers we have had the pleasure of meeting. Chasers Poker and casino would be nothing without your support. We wish you many wins and fun times!


the big
High Hand

  • 12-2pm

  • 2-10pm
    $1,500 every two hours

  • 10-12am

  • Tuesday's:

  • To be eligible:
    Must have $20 in the pot to be eligible for High Hand, with a minimum of 4 active players. Minimum Hand qualifier of a Full House to get credit for a high hand. Cards must be tabled within a qualifying time period.

  • NEW!

    The major and
    minor Chase

  • Qualifier for the Major must lose with a straight flush. Qualifier for the Minor is to lose with quads or better (Quads must be a pocket pair.) Major starts at 10K and will increase every Friday by 1K.

  • 40% losing hand, 20% winning hand, 40% table share. $700 for the losing hand and $300 for the winning hand.

  • The major and minor chase can not be hit at the same time. Hitting the major will not also trigger the minor.

  • *currently at 12k*

    the major chase starts
    at 10k

  • To be eligibile
  • Minimum of 4 active players must have $20 in the pot. Two Hole Cards must play. Pocket Pair needed when qualifying hand is quads.


  • $500 Early Bird High Bonus
    High Hand From 11-1pm

  • $300 Every 30 Minutes, 1pm-10pm

  • $500 Late Night Special Bonus From

  • A progressive Jackpot will increase $50 every 30 minutes.

    The Catch of the Day High Hand Qualifier will also change every 30 minutes ($4,900 max). If the Catch of the Day isn’t caught by the end of the high hand period, the following Sunday will start at the previous weeks ending amount and continue to grow.

  • sunday's:

  • Catch it if you can:
  • To be eligible for the Catch of the Day Progressive Jackpot Players must be playing a on a qualifying cash Hold’em table. Must have $20 in the pot to qualify. All Hole cards must play to have a qualifying hand. Player must have a pocket pair when qualifying hand is quads. Catch of the Day Progressive Jackpot hand must be dealt and announced with-in the correct 30-min time period to be valid.

    Chaser's 500
    Rollover High
    Hands !!

  • Rolling High Hands 1-10pm:
    $500 every hour
    $300 bonus rollover each hour
    for best unbeaten high hand
    Bonus High Hand, 10pm-Midnight, $250
    Early bonus 11am-1pm $250

    Bonus High Hand
    10pm-Midnight $250

  • thursday's:

    Thank you to all our players! Because of you!
    Rolling High Hands are now EVERY Thursday!!


    The Mega

  • Starting March 1st:
    In addition to the 10K Chase, Chasers will be launching the NEW Mega Chase that will have a qualifying requirement of quad 8’s and will increase $2,000 every Friday.

  • In the event The Mega Chase is hit:
    This will not trigger the 10K chase. Players are only eligible for one jackpot win at a time.

    quad 8's remain and chase goes up $2,000 every friday till hit

    *currently at 22k*

  • The Mega Chase begins at 10K

  • Mega Chase Eligibility:
    Minimum of 4 active players
    Must have $20 in the pot
    All Hole Cards must play
    Pocket Pair needed when qualifying hand is quads. Hand must be Holdem to qualify.

  • The Mega Chase Breakdown
    Player with losing qualifying hand wins 40% of the jackpot. Player with winning qualifying hand wins 20% of the jackpot. Qualifying table share is 40% split amongst active eligible players

  • the HOLD' EM



    The $10,000 Chase Bad Beat Jackpot is truly something to chase. The twist, is that the
    minimium qualifying hand will decrease
    every friday until the jackpot is hit. Once
    the jackpot is hit, The Chase will be reset
    and re-activated on the following Friday.

    Weekly Hand Reductions are as follows.

    Highlighted Week is currently active:

  • Week 1:     Any Quads Beaten
  • Week 2:    Aces Full of Kings
  • Week 3:    Aces Full of Queens
  • Week 4:    Aces Full of Jacks- AAAJJ
  • Week 5:    Aces Full of anything
  • Week 6:    Kings Full of Aces
  • Week 7:    Kings Full of Queens
  • Week 8:    Kings Full of Jacks
  • Week 9:    Kings Full of tens
  • Week 10:   Queens Full of Aces

  • To be eligible for the Chase, A minimum of 4 active players on a qualifying cash Hold' em table, Must have $20 in the pot to qualify. All Hole cards must play to have a qualifying hand. Player must have a pocket pair when qualifying hand is quads. Must be 18 years of age with a state issued ID to play.

    10k chase breakdown

    Player with losing qualifying hand wins $4,500
    Player with winning qualifying hands win $2,700
    Qualifying table share is $2,800      


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    Get a Royal Flush and we will give you $300!
    Flop it… We’ll make it $1,000!
    All month long!
    Must have $20 in the pot and use both hole cards!


    Good Luck!!

    At Chasers Poker Room & Casino, we are always trying to bring you new and exciting gaming promotions and specials events. We look forward to seeing you win!!